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József Attila Theatre

Mór Jókai – Tibor Kocsák – Tibor Miklós: Poor Riches – Kálmán

I have acted as Kálmán, one of the grandsons of Demeter Lapussa at the Open Air Stage in Margaret Island, Budapest in June, 2010 and in the József Attila Theatre from the October, 2010.

Poor Riches - Othello dance scene

József Attila Theatre, 10.10.2010.


Open Air Stage

György Szomor – Tibor Miklós: Robin Hood – William    Photos

I have acted as William, the main follower and friend of Robin Hood at the Lake-stage in Gyula and at the Open Air Stage in Margaret Island, Budapest in August, 2010.

Robin Hood - The Song of William

Open Air Stage in Margaret Island, 14.08.2010.

Concerning the Robin Hood musical, Tomi presented a short part from one of the wonderful songs of the musical in the morning talk show of RTL Klub channel:

RTL Klub Reggeli - 29.07.2010


National Theatre of Miskolc

Péter Müller – László Tolcsvay – Péter Sziámi Müller: Scrooge the Musical – little Scrooge

Starting from the premiere in 2003, I have played for one year the role of little Scrooge, the figure from the childhood of the main character.


Tibor Nagy – Iván Bradányi – Zsolt Pozsgai: The Kid – Jacky    Photos    Videos

Following the premiere in the open-air theatre in 2004, I have played for four years the title role of this musical. I acted as Jacky, the little foundling, while the character of Chaplin was performed by László Bakai.


László Dés –  István Nemes: Somewhere in Europe – Csóró

I have appeared as Csóró, one of the youngster boys among the tramping teenagers between 2006 and 2008.


Földessy Margit Dramatic School, Szindra Group

James Rado – Gerome Ragni – Galt MacDermot: Hair – Berger    Photos    Videos

The premiere of the Hair musical took place in the IBS Stage in Budapest in March 2010, directed by Margit Földessy, in which the role of George Berger is acted by me.

Hair - Donna

IBS Stage, 18.04.2010.

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Diósgyőri Grammar School, Dramatic Group

Tibor Déry – Gábor Presser – Anna Adamis: An Imaginary Report on an American Pop Festival – Manuel    Photos

As the student of Diósgyőri Grammar School I regularly take part in the work of it's dramatic group directed by Attila Lénárt dr. Under his supervision An Imaginary Report on an American Pop Festival has been presented in 2008, in which I have played the role of Manuel. Due to the successful performances our dramatic group was invited to the Eszterházy College in Eger for a show among the programmes of Freshmen's Week.


László DÉS – Péter GESZTI – Pál BÉKÉS: The Jungle Book – Maugli    Photos

A new musical, based upon the novel of Kipling is presented by the dramatic group of Diósgyőri Grammar School in March and April 2009, in which I play the role of Maugli.


Jim Jacobs – Warren Casey: Grease – Danny Zuko    Photos    Videos

In March, 2010 the popular Grease musical is presented by the dramatic group, directed by Attila Lénárt dr., in which the main character of Danny Zuko is acted by me.

Grease - Grease

Dramatic Group of Diósgyőri Grammar School, 31.03.2010.

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Mitch LEIGH – Joe DARION: The Cavalry of La Mancha – Don Quijote     Photos

On the 24th of March, 2011 the Dramatic Group has presented the musical of The Cavalry of La Mancha, directed by Attila Lénárt dr. In this play I act the role of Don Quijote and Cervantes.



Péter Gárdos: Prank – Bromberg    Photos

The shooting of this movie was carried out in Zsámbék, Hungary in August, 2008. I act as a teenager boy, named Bromberg in this new film by Péter Gárdos, which takes place in a faith boarding school led by priests. This movie has been presented at the 40th Hungarian Film Week in the Budapest Congress Center on the 1st of February, 2009. The title of best director has been awarded to Péter Gárdos.

For further information please visit the official website of Prank.


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