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Dear Visitor, it happens frequently that Tomi receives e-mails through this website concerning his career, roles, performances or simply his everyday life. Considering that these kind of questions may be also in the interest of others he prefers to answer them here, to be visible for everyone. Hopefully it helps you to know him better and encourages others to ask him directly. We wish to receive so many questions which makes this site to a complete interview about him.

So, if you have any questions to him and you wish to read the answer here in a few days, please do not hesitate to submit it to the following address:


A short interview with Tomi has been published in the Miskolci Napló with several photos of him acting in the Cavalry of La Mancha which can be read by clicking here.


In the last issue of Hölgyvilág (on the 18.11.2010) a two pages interview with Tomi has been published and it can be read by clicking here (the interview is in Hungarian, but the pictures are great...)


The questions received so far and Tomi's answers:

# I'm curious about how did you get in the Musical Plus shows and in your new roles (in Poor Riches and Robin Hood)? Have you been invited? :) I wish you much success in the future! (Eszter)

Dear Eszter, thank you for your greetings and the short answer for your question is: yes. :) In details: the owner of the Musical Plus shows, Mary invited me and this is the fifth time when I'll take part. While for the role of Kálmán in Poor Riches and for the role of William in Robin Hood I have been invited by Tibor Miklós and György Szomor. I'm very grateful for these kind invitations!

# When and why did you decide to sing musicals?

In 2003 I successfully took part in a casting at the National Theatre of Miskolc, where I got to like the work on the stage. Since then I'm continuously working on to reach the most important dream of my life: to become musical actor.

# How did your career start?

During my first year on stage I had the opportunity to take part in two premiers. In 2003 the Scrooge and in 2004 The Kid musicals were presented by the National Theatre of Miskolc. As you can read in the 'Roles' menu, I have played the title role of the latter for 4 years.

# How much time do you practice a day? Was it different in the beginnings?

It depends on, whether there is a performance or a competition in the near future. In these cases I practice intensively a few hours every day, otherwise only 2-3 hours a week.

# Since when do you work together with a singing-master?

Since about six years. In the last four years I'm working together with Mrs. Emese Simon to whom I would like to express many thanks and I'm really grateful for her devoted work.

# Where do you want to go on with your studies? And which theatre is your objective after studies?

I plan to graduate at the Academy of Dramatic Arts and wish to play in one of the recognised theatres in Budapest.

# How serious do you plan your future?

Since when I was 9, I consciously make as much efforts as possible to receive high quality training from all aspects of the musical actor profession. In order to reach the highest possible level according to my abilities my parents ensured a safe and stable background and they always encouraged me from the beginnings.

# Who do you consider as an ideal, if there is any?

Fortunately there are several Hungarian musical actors and singers who impressed me much. However, beside their musical acquaintance it is at least important for me whether they could remain an "ordinary man" instead of a celebrated star. Among the international singers my favourite is Freddy Mercury.

# Do you have a "dream-role"?

Anyway, I think that a high-qualified musical actor has to be able to form any characters, but naturally there are some roles which I feel closer to me. I prefer the roles with superhuman force, like the role of the Death in the Elisabeth or Krolock in the Dance with the Vampire.


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