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My first performances

On the stage of Budapest Orpheum on the 19th of November we could gain some experience how lyrical is the tone of Tomi's voice. He presented two emotional songs with live piano accompaniment:


The Song Won't Leave You (Caramel)

You Raise Me Up


In 2012 spring, Tomi took part again in the charity gala performance for Vadaskert School in order to help the education of those primary school pupils who need special care. For this and for his performance he should receive the warmest congratulation! The Song of William was surely one of the bests ever and it is worth to hear it in the videos, maybe with some tears...

The premier performance of Hair also took place in spring at the stage of Dramatic Group in Diósgyőri Grammar School in which Tomi acted the main role of Berger.

In both events he performed the song Donna but in two completely different ways. Both of them are perfect, however you can choose which one you like more by watching these two videos:


Donna in the Dramatic Group

Donna at the charity gala



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