About myself

About myself
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I was born in the zodiac of Aquarius as the second child of my family, in Miskolc (Hungary) in 1994. I attended the English and Hungarian bilingual Kazinczy Ferenc Primary School for six years. I have finished my high school studies at Diósgyőri Grammar School in an English and Hungarian bilingual class. I regularly took part in the work of it's dramatic group directed by Attila Lénárt dr.

Besides I am studying in the Egressy Béni Conservatoire since six years and I express my special thanks for the devoted supervision work by Emese Simon-Balogh. I am also a member of the Földessy Margit Dramatic School in Budapest since September, 2007.


I have got on the stage at first when I was 9 and took part successfully in the casting of Scrooge the musical at the National Theatre of Miskolc and after that I got a smaller role in Carmen. Then I have played the title role of The Kid musical for four years and still in the National Theatre of Miskolc I have appeared as Csóró, one of the tramping teenagers in Somewhere in Europe musical for two years. Then the next roles, in 2010 are the following: I am acting as Kálmán in Poor Riches and as William in Robin Hood; both musicals were world premiers at the Open-air Stage in Margitsziget, Budapest. In the 2010/11 season I continued playing the role of Kálmán in the József Attila Theatre, Budapest. The Robin Hood is still on the stage in RaM Colosseum with me in the role of William.

I regularly take part in national and international singing competitions and appear in different musical performances and charity galas.

Between 2007 and 2010 the MOL Scholarship for young artists and scientists has been awarded to me four times.


Naturally - besides the theatre and singing - I have many favourite free-time activities which can be explored in my hobbies site.


I warmly welcome everybody and wish you a pleasant browsing at my website!


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